Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally A Momma, Woo!

Hi everyone! I'm tired but so excited to share my good news :) I am finally a mom now! On the 10th (my anniversary hee), we went off to the hospital (and what would have been the OB office afterward). It was there I got the news that I would end up staying there because the placenta was not working as successfully anymore and fluid was getting low. Since it was the day before my 42nd week, I would have been induced anyway by the OB had I ended up making it there.

Fast forward to Thursday...After many miso pills and mucho pitocin, I was given the option to get a C-Section since time was running out (but the baby continued to thrive just as well in the womb) or continue to try naturally. I hadn't mind any progress whatsoever, I ended up only reaching a centimeter. My mind was made up, Cesarean it would be. Fast forward again (but just a few hours this time), I headed to surgery and had my baby girl. Those three days of "labor" was totally worth it to see this bundle of life finally in my arms!

This little one's name is Aaliyah and she was 9 pounds, 2 ounces born on April 12th at 11:47pm, right before Friday the 13th LOL (bigger than both my husband and I when we were born, but his side of the family are all big/tall, so go figure!). She is the love of our lives. We can't wait to see what personality she'll have or the features that will develop (since she is a mixed little one, B/W). I'm sure my blogging will get put on hold for the time being but I had to share with you all the happiest thing to happen in my life since getting married to my hubby!

From the Hoyle Family :)

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