Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yay! and Oy Vey!

Kind of a continuation of the last blog post!

Oy Vey: ...Off I went to check out what to do about our offset, to find in the mail that day WHY it was offset in the first place (D'Oh!). Some of my educational debt which was supposed to be ironed out (but due to a VERY long story...didn't...), which is less than a grand, was swiped for compensation. My hubby was bummed for that day, but quickly got over it and moved on while I, on the other hand, just couldn't.

This particular debt was accumulated before we got married and unfortunately life took a turn for the worse around that time (husband's unemployment, pregnancy, living with my crazy mother for a few months *shivers*), so I wanted to salvage his half of the return (since we are in a "Community Property State"). My husband thinks its better this way because a debt is nearly paid off (always a good thing) but I still couldn't help but bawl and cry about how much a failure I was for not making sure of things. I'm 24 years old and aren't afraid to admit that I've probably made some stupid moves here and there (and being in love and getting married all the while neglecting my college course responsibilities certainly was one of them) but after a hug and a consoling talk from Brad (my hubby), I did feel a bit better and know not to let things get out of hand next time!

Yay: But now on to happier news this week :) After a grueling ordeal at the Baby Depot in Burlington's yesterday afternoon, I received my baby shower gift from my mom in law; a glider/ottoman! It's the first big ticket item anyone has gotten us, but I was blown away to say the least. So once getting home we promptly put it together and I don't think I got off it until it was time for bed (it's so comfy!). It was nice to rock with ease in the living room while Brad watched the Daytona 500 (while explaining to me the ins and outs of NASCAR, cause I had NO clue).

But also, this week I've been so fortunate to be participating in some bloggy programs so to speak (Goody hair products, a Benefit Comestics house party and a Vox Box from influenster) to review. It will certainly give me something to do to wind down these last 4 or so weeks of pregnancy (since being preggo have left me pretty stationary!). So, that will be fun. Thanks everybody for stopping by and checking out the posts (I'm very new to the personal blogging world so I'm slowly finding my way!). Happy Tuesday!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh *%$?!

So, after waiting a week or two to receive our tax refund via direct deposit (One of the best times of the year, woo hoo!), we got the wonderful news that though the IRS "claimed" our d.d. was posted on this past Tuesday (the 21st), but no money to be found (sniffle). Major bummer... Me and my husband don't own a house or a car or anything (because we're broke like that) so getting this extra money means a ton. We finally get caught up on bills and maybe even head out of town somewhere, though that plan is officially derailed because of my due date being in four or so weeks. It turns out this has happened to a lot of people too with the IRS this year in getting their refund delayed. I wonder has this happened with anyone else so far? I just wish things would get sorted out soon; $500 isn't much so some, but for a couple with little to their name, that's alot of moolah :)

Fortunately, my wonderfully wonderful mother in law has decided to help with some things for the month of March to help us prepare for the coming of the baby (I know alot of wives tend to have mucho issues with their moms in law, I however, LOVE my MIL! It's my actual mom I have the Jerry Springer worthy issues with...but I digress lol!). Do you already have plans for your return coming this year??

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lessons in Communication

So I've just finished making dinner for the hubby and I (well and our dog Roscoe too if you count some of the scraps lol) and I simply asked him what he thought of dinner (which was one of his favorites, baked pork and rice, yummy!) and he responded with "good"...That's it...just good lol. We've been married for almost two years now, but sometimes I just can't get over how guys can seemingly describe all their thoughts on something in one or two words max!? It's just so odd to me! I just kinda brush it off now because I know he means well, but sometimes I need to throw in there that I'd like a complete sentence for a response to what I'm asking (complete with a noun, verb and adjective LOL!). Has anyone else ever have (or still is having) this "issue" (because it's not an issue per se, just a quirk I suppose) with their mate? I hope I'm not the only one!

But everything with dinner was successful, though as I type, the baby is moving like crazy inside my belly and now I can relax before getting ready for bed in a few hours :) Just curious if this communication gig will get better in the future *hee hee*

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sought After Boppy...

Oh the Boppy pillow...one of the most sought after items that should be any pregnant mommie's repertoire (or so I've been reading all over the web). I've been searching the web and my local Walmart/Target trying to find this darn thing at a price I can afford (we're under a strict budget and so I cannot 'splurge' on a $24+ pillow...though I wish I could LOL!). I even searched at a local baby consignment shop to find them at $16+ (still slightly too much, but doable).

So, come Thursday afternoon, I head to one of the nearby thrift stores with my MIL to grab a desk she was eyeing and while waiting to pay for it, I mosey around and what do I see!? One Boppy with it's slipcover in perfect condition...price? $4, yup, $4 out the door! If you've fallen on hard times or come from a low income background you could understand my excitement :) Of course I grabbed it as quickly as I could and headed home with the pillow in tow. I just had to share my wonderful experience, as I love second-hand shops, and this just gave me a reason to love them even more! Not to mention this was one of the last items on my list for my hospital bag and newborn essentials. Score!

A Hello!

Hello everyone! A little introduction for my new blog :) My name is Teana; I'm happily married to my wonderful husband Bradley (who we have our 2nd anniversary coming in April 12'!) and am expecting our first child, Aaliyah (due next month, March 28th 2012!).

I thought I would give this blog "thing" another try as my previous one had failed (It was a deals forum but several people were only tuning in to win freebies instead of what I had to say and share). So, I thought I would  start over again and write about my soon to be adventures of being a new mommy! I hope to share my mommy  insights (good and bad lol) but also any good tidbits on deals/giveaways on Facebook as well when I can.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you'll stick around as the blog grows!