Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strike TWO!

Ay...How did I spend my Saturday morning yesterday? In the hospital for what I sure to be it, the BIG moment I would finally see my little bundle of joy for the first time and not just a little monster in my belly (thanks hubby!). I had been up since 3:45am because I was 98% positive my water broke, so I got dressed and waited for my ride to the hospital (since I live about 10 minutes away from there). After being all hooked up and tested in my uncomfortable bed, the sweet nurse had to give me the harsh, harsh news that my tests were negative and I hadn't lost my waters yet and am still very much closed up.

"I basically peed on myself for nothing" I exclaimed to my hubby as we walked to the parking lot. Talk about majorly disappointed :( This is the second false alarm that has sent me off to the hospital but I'm hoping the next time I end up going, it WILL be the real thing! I'm a FTM and due in just 3 days, though I do wish she would come on! My mother has warned me not to wish for such a thing because as she put it, it will end up being 10x worse then the pain I had that sent me to ER to had my gallbladder taken out for stones (which, if you have not experienced, is utterly painful!). Sighs... is it wrong of me to just be too excited and anxious to start my journey as a mother?

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